The 3 Best Golf Courses in Western North Carolina

As we zero in on autumn’s arrival, many of us will turn our attention to the region’s finest golf courses. After all, there’s nothing quite like playing 18 holes of championship golf during fall’s glorious peak in North Carolina’s rolling Smoky Mountains. When you’re not whitewater rafting, ziplining through the forestry, or fly fishing, remember to book a tee time at one of the three best golf courses in Western North Carolina. And there’s no better place to start and finish each day of foliage than inside one of Great Smokys Cabin Rentals’ finest cottages.

The Top 3 Golf Courses in Western North Carolina

Admittedly, there aren’t dozens of public golf courses in Western North Carolina. However, sometimes a phone call goes a long way. In today’s “climate,” many private (or semi-private) courses are more than willing to accommodate a small group of eager golfers. These three diamonds in the “rough” lie in Whittier, Sylva, and Franklin, respectively.

Sequoyah National - Whittier

Golf has the rare ability to frustrate even the most talented athletes. As far as we’re concerned, there’s no better remedy for a poor drive, approach, or putt than a seemingly endless mountain range that’s painted vibrant hues of amber, crimson, marigold, and kelly. And Sequoyah National is the crown jewel of the Smoky Mountains. Sequoyah National is often considered one of the two best golf courses in Western North Carolina, chiefly because of the eye-popping natural beauty, which blends flawlessly with the award-winning Robert Trent Jones II design.

Balsam Mountain Preserve - Sylva

Heading eastward, our next stop is Balsam Mountain Preserve, a gated golf community in Sylva. Obviously, it’s a private club, but there are ways to worm your way onto the course. Start the process with a phone call well in advance of your arrival. Golfers often marvel at how lucky they were to play this challenging, picturesque Arnold Palmer layout. It’s a visual masterpiece that adeptly utilizes the rolling hillsides, rustic infrastructure, and faraway Smokies to its advantage.

Franklin Golf Course - Franklin

Franklin Golf Course is, without a doubt, one of the most underrated golf courses in Western North Carolina. Casual golfers will unearth an idyllic pace of play, crowd-pleasing affordability, and a 97-year-old, nine-hole natural belle. Eighteen holes (including a cart) on the weekend costs just $26. Despite these outrageous savings, you’ll rarely bump into other groups. You’ll unquestionably feel at home in this densely-thicketed hidden gem.

The Finest Cabin Rentals in Bryson City, NC

Great Smokys Cabin Rentals has a fleet of mountain-view cottages in several Western North Carolina communities, including Sylva, Whittier, and Almond. However, the fleet’s majority rests in the rolling, mountainous peaks and valleys inside Bryson City’s limits. “Common” amenities and luxuries include unobstructed mountain views, spacious decks, fire pits, outdoor hot tubs, stone fireplaces, chef’s kitchens, and private acreage. Oh, and the price is right! For the price of a three-star hotel room, you’ll receive all of this and more! Please give us a call today at 800-655-9771 to book a long-awaited Smoky Mountain golf getaway (or swiftly check availability online).