Explore These 7 Enchanting Waterfall Hiking Trails

Exploring the waterfall hiking trails near Bryson City, NC, is an enchanting journey into nature's pristine beauty. This region offers an array of hiking trails that lead to stunning waterfalls with lovely views of the NC Great Smoky Mountains. In these serene surroundings, time seems to stand still. Whether alone or sharing the experience with friends or family, there's a shared reverence for the natural wonder before you.

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7 Popular Waterfall Hiking Trails Near Bryson City


1. Deep Creek Waterfall Loop: This is one of the most popular waterfall hiking trails in Great Smoky Mountains National Park and is fairly easy to complete. This 2.4-mile loop has over 426 feet in elevation gain and takes most people an hour to venture on.


2. Deep Creek Loop Trail: This 4.9-mile loop is moderately challenging, with 895 feet in elevation gain. On this hiking trail, you will travel along a creek with lovely cascades and a waterfall.


3. Juney Whank Falls Trail: This is one of the shortest waterfall hiking trails on our list, but don't let its distance fool you. It may just be a .6-mile loop, but it is still moderately challenging, with 170 feet in elevation gain.


4. Twentymile Loop Trail:Seasoned hikers will enjoy this 7.8-mile loop with an impressive 1,384 feet in elevation gain. This is one of the most beautiful waterfall hiking trails in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, with cascades and steady elevation gains.


5. Indian Creek and Sunkota Ridge Trail: This is one of the hardest waterfall hiking trails on our list, with 2,076 feet of elevation gain and 11.5 miles in distance. It takes most people a little less than six hours to complete.


6. Noland Divide Trail: Check out this hiking trail in Great Smoky Mountains National Park if you're up for the challenge. It is 11.1 miles long and features an awe-inspiring 4,783 feet in elevation gain.


7. Deep Creek to Clingman's Dome: Embark on a multi-day hiking adventure in the Great Smoky Mountains. This 35.2-mile loop also comes with 7,539 feet in elevation gain.


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